How is things in Kent?

Escorts agencies around the UK are getting busier and busier. This week Brian who runs Kent escorts stopped by for a chat and to touch base with us. It is nice to see both escorts and agency owners stop by the Better Sex offices. It gives us a chance to catch up with what is going on in the industry and follow the trends. Agency from around the UK and London all face different challenges and this is what makes the business so unique. Escorting is a living industry so it changes all the time and new ideas are tried and tested.

According to Brian Kent escorts can’t roll out new ideas quick enough. He says that a lot of their gents used to date in central London but dating locally is now becoming more and more popular. There is a very good reason for that. First of all it can be expensive to travel into central London and hourly rater are higher there as well. Also, local agencies seem to have less of a turnover of staff and that gives the dates a chance to get to know the girls. Most escorts thrive on regular dates and this is what happening in Man Park.

Kent escorts has recently added a duo dating team to their ranks of escorts like Local gents have dated duo girls in London and would like to do the same in Manor Park. The service is very popular and is mainly used by local gents who have a lot of experience in dating and spending time with escorts. Brian thinks the service is a bit of an acquired taste but as it is so popular, he doesn’t mind providing the service. It may never be as popular as London escort duo dating services, but at the moment it is 75% fully booked.

Next year Brian plans to add a party girl services to his Kent escorts services as well. He knows that a lot of guys go into places like Canary Wharf to enjoy stag party themes. He would like to capitalize on this as there are a lot of nice pubs and restaurants in Kent well. Brian says it is a shame having to lose out on business to other agencies around London, and it is nice to have everything on home turf so to speak. The more versatile we are the more money we will make, says Brian.

Brian travels abroad on a regular basis to check out what is new in the international world of escorting. Some of the ideas will work in the UK and if he comes a cross a good idea he brings ti back with him. It is a good way to grow business according to Brian and gives him an opportunity to stay ahead of the game of other local agencies. Some of the ideas work, others do not. But, like Brian says, if you haven’t tried you don’t know. There is a lot to the old saying nothing ventured nothing gained.


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