Is It Okay To Watch 

What do you do when you like to watch other people having sex? A few of the men I date as a London escort, have the most curious habits. But, I guess that I am not the only girl from a London escorts agency at Ace Sexy Escorts to find myself in this situation. I have spoken to other London escorts, they also date clients who get a kick out of watching sex. Is this a healthy habit? It is hard to say whether this is a healthy habit or not. All that I can really say, is that it probably does not do any harm.


If you like watching other people having sex, there are different ways in which you can deal and cope with your fetish. When dating London escorts is not option, you can always consider the alternatives that are available in London and elsewhere. For instance, when dating London escorts is not your cup of tea, you can attend a local Swingers party. Swingers are well-known for getting a kick out of watching others having sex.


However, most Swingers clubs would like you to have a partner to go with to the event. When you don’t have a partner, you may find that your local Swingers club will turn you down. In that case, you can check out the sex party scene in London. Many London escorts enjoy going to sex parties in their spare time. If you find that you attendance is not appreciated by Swingers, you should consider going to a London sex party. According to the London escorts that go to sex parties in London, many of the better parties have an area for those of us who like to watch.


But, there are also other ways in which you can hook up with like minded others. Joining a forum is another way to get meet others who like to watch. Take your time and read through the threads on the forums. You are bound to come across others who like to watch or have fun in different ways. A couple of the London escorts that we spoke to, thought that checking out online sex forums are one of the best ways to meet up with others. Normally, you are not expected to pay a membership fee or a joining fee when you meet up with other watchers via an online forum.


Are you a pervert? There are folk out there who would consider “watchers” perverts. As far as London escorts are concerned, it is just a different way of enjoying yourself. None of the girls that we spoke to felt that you needed to be embarrassed about being a watcher. But just in case your friends take offence, it is perhaps best to keep your habit to yourself. When you find that you have a hard time finding an outlet for your habit, watching porn movies is a good idea. However, it may not be as satisfying as watching others in the flesh.

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