My Best friend in an escort in London

My best friend moved up to London, and I soon noticed that she seemed to be doing very well for herself. Whenever she came back home, she looked a million dollars and I thought that she may be on to a really good thing. At first she would not tell me what she was doing, then she told me she worked for a top private club in London. I got the feeling that it was not the whole story but she would not tell me what she was really up to.

A couple of months later, she invited me up to London, and I was on top of the world. Not only was I looking forward to spending some time with my friend in London, but I was also looking forward to find out what she was really doing in London. When I arrived, I found my friend living in a top luxury apartment, and I was really surprised that should could afford it. Finally it came out that my friend worked for a London escorts service.

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My friend is a really good looking girl, and she had gone to London to model. It turned out that she had done a little bit of modelling at first, but she did not really make a lot of money from modelling. In a bar one night, she had bumped into this one guy who ran a London escorts service, and he had persuaded her to check it out. At first she was a bit reluctant to work for a London escorts service, but then she realised how much money she could make as an escort.

Ever since then, my friend has been working for a London escorts service. It is one of the better services in London, and she loves every minute of it she says. We talked about, and I did not think it was for me, but now when I stop and think about it, I think that I would like to give working as a London escort ago. It certainly seems a goo job for a girl, and the escort service that my friend works for, is always looking for new escorts,

There are plenty of gents who would like to date London escorts. After having spoken to my friend, it is clear that many of the girls who work for her escort do really well. I thought it was all about dating visitors to London, but that is not true at all. My friend dates a lot of local gents as well, and I think that I would be more comfortable doing that. She looks at escorting in a particular sort of way, and thinks of all of her gentlemen as her boyfriends. That helps a lot, and has made her into one of the top escorts at the escort service in London which she works for at the moment. Maybe escorting has a future for me as well.

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