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Hello! My name is Linda, and I work at Hertfordshire Escorts. Today I would like to share my opinion about an ideal man.


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What is the concept of “ideal” for me? Perhaps, to answer this question I will have to look for synonymous, which I pick up mentally when I hear the word utopia, an unreal image, template, standard. I think this is enough. Ideal is exclusively personal thing, depending on individual tastes and preferences: it can be completely the opposite, according to different people. But there are still some general touches that everyone uses, then, in his own taste, style and interest, completing the basic picture. These fuzzy lines that are dotted likely have to carry a positive charge. Simply put, the ideal – it is something positive and bright.


And now, me, Linda from Hertfordshire Escorts, will tell you what is ideal for me


  1. smart
  2. humorous
  3. generous
  4. strong
  5. The last and foremost: He must be a man !!!


  1. I do not consider myself to be silly, especially since I have two degrees in various fields (legal and acting). If I have time and there is no one near, I spend it with a book, or with my friends from Hertfordshire Escorts. Friends think I’m an intellectual because curiosity is the main feature of my personality … I hope it is clear that the man next to me must keep up with me, and even be a little higher in his level, so it will be interesting to catch up.


  1. I am happy and joyful woman, and for us to be together, only my jokes will not be enough.


  1. I do not like greedy men, but the basic idea is still not about the money- says Linda from Hertfordshire Escorts. He must be generous on the time given to me, generous on beautiful words (even intelligent women love with their ears), generous on affection, kindness and care.


  1. A man who can not make decisions is not only far from ideal, but is just not a man. Details below:


  1. The man is a human, who is opposed to a woman by his sexual and functional features. He has to know how to use hammer and nails, should have the last word, should be the master. I do not want to stand next to a comrade, who should be controlled by a woman from Hertfordshire Escorts, who should be led by the hand and who does not know the life.


The other day I was asked by a girl from Hertfordshire Escorts: what is a perfect man for you? I was not able to answer this simple question, because there is my attitude to people (separately for men and women). Certain criteria and certain general qualities, which I sympathize, but bear them as the “ideal image”, I do not want, as individual personality – it is a separate image.


In men, I have always valued the two main traits – honesty and sense of humor. The first defines a person’s ability to focus on the universal values and principles of life, and the second – do not pay attention to the fact that life and human values and principles are often not compatible.

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