How to enjoy your stay in battersea with the escorts girls?

The city of battersea is a place with escorts that you can choose when looking for fun. When you choose the city that you would need when looking for the services of  battersea escorts at, you will always have facts that will help you make your decision right when making that best choice when making […]

Hot babes of Hendon

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So, you don’t think that there are any escorts agencies in Hendon? Well, you could not be further away from the truth, and I would like to open your eyes to some of the hottest and sexiest action in London. If, you are that sort of guy who sits alone on a Friday night, let […]

How do you spend your money?

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How do you spend your hard earned cash? Most girls who work in business such as escorts agencies are quite financially aware. They are quite careful how they spend their money, and how the invest it. If you think that escorts waste their money, you have another thing coming. All of the escorts that I […]

How is things in Kent?

Escorts agencies around the UK are getting busier and busier. This week Brian who runs Kent escorts stopped by for a chat and to touch base with us. It is nice to see both escorts and agency owners stop by the Better Sex offices. It gives us a chance to catch up with what is […]

London escorts are just here

My name is Lola and I work for one of the more exclusive London escorts agencies from I have just joined the agency, and now I am waiting for your call. I hope that you are not too be busy to come and see me or one of my London escorts friends. We know […]

Sex toys is a big help

Sexual pleasure is a vital life source which needs to be nurtured.  Sex lifestyle must be developed into extravagant adventures in which dull moments couldn’t be in. Boosters of sexual orgasm attainment are needed in order to feel the excitement as per event you wish to share it with your partner. There are many options […]

 Sex Toys are inside

If you found yourself a bit tired of gong to sex shop to purchase your desired sex toy and you want to experience pleasure in a minute. Then worry no more there are alternatives found inside your pad. There are individuals that they have difficulty in bed especially having sex with a partner. There are […]