Sex toys are not for me…

I am afraid to say that sex toys are not for me. Well, I don’t mind using them when I am on my own but so far I have never met a man who is really good with sex toys. I have this crazy friend who works for a top charlotte London escorts service who says that men are not very good at sex toys. Is it true? From my experience, I have found that men who can make the most out of their hands, are much better of than men who need some extra help. Do I like sex toys? I am not totally against sex toys, but in general, I do like men who know their way around a woman’s body without having to resort to anything battery operated.

When I worked for London escorts myself, I soon learned that most men worry about sex toys use. Perhaps that is why so may men don’t like using them, and why a lot of women don’t get a kick out of them. In general, I think that men do worry about using them, and it makes women tense. Most of the girls I worked with at London escorts are of the same opinion. Would you like what women really like in bed? I have on numerous occasions thought about writing a guide to what women like in bed. It is really simple enough and I know a lot of other women would say the same thing. We like a spice of life and a bit of variety. I used to tell my dates at London escorts to watch a porn movie or two if they run out if inspiration.

Do not try to make love in the same place or position all of the time. Learn how to control yourself and don’t cum to quickly. That is only disappointing.Be a little bit more spontaneous in the bedroom. Surprise her with some rock hard that she can enjoy for a little bit longer than a couple of minutes. There is plenty of stuff out there which will make you last longer. Check out things like Maca and perhaps even Ginseng. Ditch the ciggies to make sure your health is better. This is the kind of advice I used to hand out all of the time when I worked for London escorts.

I know that staying on top of your sex life and making it more exciting is not easy. It happens to the best of us, and we all need to learn how to deal with it. But, you need to talk to your partner and not run off to London escorts if you have had a wobble. All London escorts do appreciate it when you come to see them, but at the same time, you need to learn how to keep a woman happy. If she does not like sex toys, let me tell you that there are many more ways to keep the woman, or women, in your life happy.

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