Shopping in Charity Shops

I have been for an agency which specializes in petite escorts for about two years. Just like all other ladies I like to stay fashionable but it can cost you more money when you are a petite. I think that is kind of unfair but it is just the way things are at the moment. Yes, I know that I could buy clothes in kiddies stores but I would like a little girl. Sometimes it is fun to do that but I don’t want to do it all of the time. It can get kind of boring.


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As it is so expensive to shop for us girls in the petite escorts category, I have started to buy a lot of clothes in charity shops. The clothes that you find in many charity shops are often their because people have got to be too big for them. In recent months I have been able to pick up some fantastic bargains and at the same time I have found a lot of brand clothing. Charity shops are really good and they have some other great stuff as well.


London is an expensive place to live. Even though I am doing well at our petite escorts agency I find it expensive to live in London. Decorating a home can cost you a small fortune but I have learned by my mistakes. If you start to look around charity shops, you can find some great things in their as well. For instance I have bought really good quality bedding in a couple of shops and turned it into cushions and rugs. It really looks nice and I am amazed at how good my place look. My boudoir actually looks rather posh and my home is shabby chic.


Another thing that I like in charity shops are all of the great little knick knacks you can buy. I have actually been able to find some really quality pieces in many of them. As I have a little storage space available to me, I have bought them up and every so often I have a day off from petite escorts and set up a little stall. It started as a hobby but has now become really rather serious. I love selling my knick knacks and I do well on my stall. To be honest I would love to have a little shop when I leave the escorts service one day.


Some of my friends at petite escorts services think that I am a bit weird. I know that I am perhaps a bit unusual but i kind of enjoy my lifestyle. Most of the girls do not have a lot of interests outside of the agency but I certainly do. I love the fact that I can do different things and don’t have to escort all of the time. My little knick knack stall is now making me a good income. Once I have paid up my mortgage I plan to travel for a few months but then I might just become a knick knack trader as I call it. Yes I have slight collector mania but I seem to have been able to collect the right pieces to make me some money.

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