To Brazil or Not Brazil

Us girls do need a trim from time to time, but the question is what sort of trim should we go for? Many escorts favor a Brazil trim, and you even get some escorts who would prefer and all out trim. That being said, not all guys like an all out trim or even a Brazilian so for escorts, it is really hard to know what to go for.

Brazilian trims are popular with most ladies and escorts when we go on holiday, but the rest of the year some guys think that we look a bit bare. It is funny how body hair affects us. Some people get really turned on by it, and some people act the opposite way. Most London escorts do say that men like a Brazilian trim but recently the hairy lady has become more popular.

Brazilian trims or waxes still remain popular, and a lot of ladies do seem to favor them.

DIY Brazilian trims

You can actually give yourself a Braxilian trim or waxing. There are many kits that you can buy. For instance Boots sell some good kits that can be used for body hair removal, and they are a lot cheaper than going for a professional trim. A professional trim will set you back at least £50, and may be a bit of an odd experience.

Another thing is that wax can be quite hard on the skin, and you really need to be careful how you use the treatment. It is important that the wax should stick to the hair, not to the skin as this would make it super painful. Also, hygiene is important. Before you start your DIY trim or wax session, you need to take a shower to make sure you are clean.

If you have any skin irritations, or suffer from diabetes, you should not carry out any type of waxing. It can seriously damage your skin and you can end up with a nasty infection. That applies to all parts of your body, not just to your personal bits.

Sometimes you may not want to wax everything of and it can be difficult to get it right. Beauticians often put talcum powder on any parts they do not want to wax off, and it is a trick that works really well.

Waxing your legs may not be very difficult to do yourself but waxing your private parts is a lot more difficult. A close friend might be able to help here, and maybe you can help each other. At the end of the day, most escorts and ladies don’t mind if their friends see their private parts, and it could be more comfortable having a friend help you than a beautician.


Shaving is an alternative but it can quickly dry out the skin. You may even be left with little red “prickly” bits that don’t look that attractive, and can itch. Waxing will also ensure that hair growth will not come back that quickly, and you may find you will only have to have it done once every four weeks.

To Brazil or not Brazil, that is the question. How about a cute little heart shape – that would make a real change!

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