Would you like to be blessed this evening….

Hello, my name is Arina and I would like to bless you this evening. I am not sure that you have ever been blessed by a young lady from Ilford escorts before, but it could be one of those things that you may want to try. Unlike a priest, I have a very special way of blessing you, and when you have experienced one of my blessing, you may even want to come back for some more.

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I am one of those girls who thinks that our lives should be full of little blessings. Mind you, I have two big blessings that I think that you would like, and if you have been blessed with big hands, I may just be the ideal date for you. Not all girls at Ilford escorts are as blessed as I am, but I am sure that you would really appreciate my two special blessings once we meet to have some fun.

Tell me, out of interest, what have you been blessed with? I have met a lot of interesting gentlemen here at Ilford escorts who have been blessed in different ways. Some of them have been more blessed than others, but to be honest, it does not bother me. But I am not so different from other girls, and from time to time I do like to spoil myself by going large if you know what I mean. I have a feeling that all girls who are bit on the greedy side like me, like to spoil themselves from time to time.

When I come around to bless you, I promise you that you will have more or less a religious experience. I promise to be the one girl from Ilford escorts who can take you to heaven and back again. But maybe you don’t want to come down… well, if that is the case, you don’t have to come down. If that is how you feel, you want to make sure that you arrange a date with me over slightly longer period of time. That is the only way you can guarantee that you cannot come down for several others.

Once you do come down, I promise I will be there waiting for you. When we land from blessed skies, we will be landing together. When we are finally on the ground, I will ask you if you would like to go through the experience again. I can understand that you may not necessary want to, but I would encourage you to think twice about that. It is not every day, or night, that you are blessed by a girl from Ilford escorts, and if you would like to experience it again, maybe you should give me a call when you are next in the mood for some adult fun blessings as I like to call them. Setting up your next blessing is perfectly easy, and I am sure that you may have some friends who would like to be blessed by me when you sit down and think about it.

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